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loud "clang" noise when braking to a stop

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my 05 AWD LX element makes a pretty loud "clang" when coming to a stop. not always... but usually the first 2 or 3 stops i come to in any given drive. it's DEFINATELY not brake pad/caliper related.

anyone else have that issue? when i bought the car used from honda, they said it was bad struts, so they preplaced the struts under warranty... it's just as loud, if not louder now when it does it.

the sound makes me think of a tie-rod being stretched and getting that metallic CLANG sound...


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This will be one that will have to be directly looked at as there can be a lot of guessing. Does it do it while the engine is still warming up and at a higher RPM? Coming from the front or rear. It could be coming from the motor mounts to the rear swaybar and yes it could be the brake pads as they sometimes will move when cold but not when warmed up. Its hard to say.
If your tie rod was stretching, I am pretty sure you would feel it in the steering wheel not to mention being all over the place.

Did they replace the strut bearing when they did the struts?

Did they replace the strut bearing when they did the struts?

i dunno what they did exactly.. but when i look behind the wheels, the support apperatus thingos that are just below the shocks/springs are new looking.

i'm a motorcycle guy, and i know pretty much everything there is to know about motorbikes and the likes, but i don't know much about cars. still learning. :)
did you ever get this sound figured out? i think im having a similar problem..
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