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SO i have an 07 element with an injen exhaust and i was wondering what kind of cat could i buy that would still be street legal but make my car louder. can you guys help me find one?
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Interesting! You want to make the exhaust louder? Wish I could help you with that. I have an Injen exhaust, too, and I like the way it sounds. Some guys want it quieter!
You sure you want it louder? You'll just attract unwanted attention, most likely from Officers...
well is a high flow catalytic converter not street legal? do i need to weld them on or are they bolt on. i really wanna know because i will be getting these parts for free and was wondering if its worth it
A high flow cat is not gonna do much in the noise department, now a header would. But you will have to go custom for a HF cat, there is no bolt on units available for the E.
could u find the part on and then i could go to a muffler shop and get it installed
Amazon? Why would you go to a site that has not one person that can actually help you with a actual question on a automotive product, call a real aftermarket performance shop like Summit Racing, Jegs, Nopi, ect.

Second off, how many miles are on your E? If you have state inspections, and you change the cat with the vehicle under 50k miles unless there is a dealer documented problem, they will not pass you.

Third, it is gonna be expensive due to the inlet is 2 1/4" and the outlet is 2", the exhaust shop will have to either use a bigger ball connection or open yours up and weld a 2 1/4" pipe to it, its gonna look hacked and horrible. I highly recommend a complete new one be made and your stock one untouched for warranty work, if you show up at the dealership, unless you work at one and your in the service department or have a buddy that works in service, Honda will take your E outside and put a big VOID on your E, all your powertrain warranty will be gone.

Fourth, are you expecting a lot out of this? You may see a 1 to 2 hp increase out of this on a dyno, real world driving, you wont notice this, I have a lot of experience with stock vs. high flow vs. no cat systems on many cars.
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Louder? I would recommend engine and performance mods, instead of a faux "sound" to make people think you are packing heat.
I see that you live in California and one of the worst for smog inspections. If you want to replace the cat it will have a CARB EO OBD2 legal one with a 02 bung in it They just changed their law on aftermarket cats.. again. You might gain about 2DB worth of noise and could cost a lot. Like others have said keep the original just incase.
You're going to hate having a loud car. The novelty wears off in about a week.
My custom catback had some crazy drone on the interstate that was just bearable, then i started pulling my fourwheeler trailer more and it was insanely loud. I went to meineke and had a small resonator put in. still loud, but back to bearable. I would say stick with what ya have, but if you insist on making it louder, just cut everything off after the cat and run it like that. lol
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