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Man oh man.. My sister was driving my E and she said she heard a popping noise from the front passenger side wheel well followed by horrible steering issues. She had it towed back home. I took off the wheel to examine and found that one of the mounting bolts to the lower control arm had disappeared. I redid my entire front suspension last year and about a week after getting an alignment, the right passenger side strut failed. The company I bought them parts from sent a replacement. I installed but kept putting off getting the alignment again.. I figured that probably led to this happening. I have a new mounting bolt on the way, but I just realized there's an additional problem. The threading on the frame that the mounting bolt goes in to has come off the frame. The tack welds holding it on have broken. I'm unsure what would be best to do at this point..I can weld, but it's been years since I've done it and would have to either rent or buy a machine. I've considered getting a nut and washer and using locktite, but I'm not sure how safe/effective that would be in this case. I've thought about using JB weld to put this threading back on the frame, but again, I'm not sure how safe/effective this would be. Has this happened to anyone else? Thoughts? Yikes.
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