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I didn't like some of the attention elements get, and I noticed how easy it is to steal the antenna. so rather than loctite the antenna and have some idiot do extra damage, I did some shopping around and came up with an ok solution for making a cheap antenna.

1. from pepboys got a "replacement antenna mast, metra universal ck-rm20", $4.99, for my first try. it's a clamp-on replacement that uses set screws to clamp onto the old conventional (broken off) antenna.

2. cut (with wire cutters) the antenna so that from bottom of base, total length was about 8 inches. file cut end clean.

3. remove ball tip for re-use by putting ball in drill chuck (about half-way, not on bottom of chuck), use pliers to twist antenna mast out. loosen chuck, ball falls out, no plier marks.

4. pound ball onto shorty 8" antenna tip. like driving a nail-just don't bend the mast. pay attention to how deep the hole is in the antenna ball-tip.

5. get an m-5x20mm long bolt, and an m-5 nut, drive the nut all the way up to the head of the bolt (tight), file the corners off bolt head and nut enough so that the head/nut mass snugly slides up the antenna shaft.

6. tighten the set screws onto the head/nut mass tightly. the treaded section protruding from the bottom of the antenna base should be the same as with the stock antenna.

7. install or throw it in the glove box in case your original gets stolen. and this one is cheap, about 7 bucks total.

you could also used one of the other replacement antennas that come with the various threaded studs already, but I wanted a cheap first try and I kinda liked the chrome and spring base. I'll experiment with other styles as I have time.
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