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The dealership installed an alarm called a Magnadyne Silencer. I was told that the Honda alarm was back ordered, which I knew. They said they would install a DEI Viper, so I said okay. When I got to the dealership to sign the papers, they said it wasn't a Viper, it was this other system. At that point I could've backed out, but I was stressed and agreed to go with that one. Well, it is terrible. It beeps when you close the door. It beeps when it arms itself automatically. It re-arms itself even when one of the doors is open. And it re-arms itself after 60 seconds, so if you run into the house to get something, and open the car door it goes off. The neighbors (and my girlfriend) are not at all happy with the noise.

I've asked that the alarm be removed but the salesman said 'no' because I agreed to it. They are willing to re-program it, but I don't have time to continue running to the dealer every day to get it worked out. I haven't yet gotten the 'survey call' and I'm thinking about giving 0's. Is it unreasonable to have the dealer remove this system? They also attached the LED to a panel between the coin tray and the bottom of the steering column, so if I remove it, there will be two holes in one of the panels.

Does anyone know anything about this brand of alarm. Is it okay, and is it just me learning how to use it? What are the 'typical' actions of an alarm?

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