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I was curious about the magnet bra. I drive 150 miles a day and saw nightmares about the bug deflector. About it cracking and it harming the paint after a while. So I contacted magnet bra and asked these questions. By the way Bob replied to my e-mail in nothing flat on a holiday and was very nice. Here's my e-mail:


I found out about your bra from a club that I belong to, I have some questions and concerns about the bra before purchasing one.

1. Will it fly off the car at high speeds? (I drive 150 miles to and from work and I don't drive like a saint)

2. Can it be stolen by just peeling it off the car. (I live in NY for god's sake)

3. Can you paint it and how? (spray paint or do I have to bring it to a body shop)

4. Is there a warranty?

Thanks for your time and patience.


Honda Element Owner

and his reply:


Thank you for your interest in the magnetic car bra. The bra's design makes
it impossible for it to fly off the car. The front and sides are attached
with an edge trim, and the bra itself is a strong magnet because of its
large surface area. The edge trim also prevents removing the bra without
opening the hood. The bras can be painted. You can find the company that
supplies the paint at (Be sure to tell them
it's for a magnetic bra.) The bra has a 90 day warranty against defects in
materials or workmanship. For more information please visit our website.

Best regards,
Bob Lefevre

I am sold. I want to get one. The plus of painting it the color you want is great too. I'll probably get it in the up and coming months I have to save some money for it because I am currently working on another project in the "E". But it looks great. :D
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