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Maiden Voyage

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I know a lot of us picked up our E's this weekend...or are picking them up this week...

I would love to hear your "maiden voyage" stories. What did you do? Where did you go? What were your first impressions?
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We picked up our SOP 5sp on Saturday May 10 at 930 am.

Drove home and PACKED IT FULL!! The dog, an 8ft long box with a canopy in it for mothers day, blankets, gym bag, was almost completely filled up to the roof!

We headed on our way to Lake all sorts of strange looks from people. I have decided that waving at people is the best reaction to them staring and making funny faces.

We headed down the 404 and got off at Sheppard and headed west, we wanted to get off the highway for a while, since it was down to one lane at Yonge. We both couldn’t stop giggling and bursting out with shrieks of joy that we had finally gotten our “E”.

We got back on the highway at the 400 and headed to Hamilton. We took the 401 to the QEW and just had the stereo cranked the whole way. I don’t know about you guys but that is the BEST factory stereo I have ever heard (I work for Bose they say their systems are the best... they didn’t design this one and it’s better than any of the systems of theirs I’ve heard!). We found that driving across the Burlington Skyway was a little windy, but it wasn’t pushing our E into other lanes or anything.

Got off at Centennial Parkway and headed for Cayuga. We stopped at the Toronto Motor sports Speedway and discovered that we could track run our E for $30 against the clock, if it were broken in we totally would have done it!

When we finally got there my parents had this tree that was shedding these sticky little cone looking things…well we parked it in the garage and had to admire it from the driveway…that sucked but it was better than having little sap spots all over it which are IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of…

We slept in it, we had to test it out since we bought the curtains (A great investment!!) and we are taking the E with us for May 24 camping. We found that it was VERY comfortable, I had not one ache in the morning…there was a LOT of condensation on the inside of the windows, which we had to use paper towels to get rid of it. I think making those screen magnet things is my project for the week! Not having the windows open was the reason I think…

We stopped on our way home at Jonathan B’s brother’s place and we plugged in his laptop and played a DVD and Videogame through the AUX outlet…AMAZING…we are convinced we have to buy a portable DVD player now…for when it’s raining during camping season or for long trips…which we are planning a TON of…

We headed home along Lakeshore Rd from Burlington and hopped on the Gardiner Expressway to the DVP. After we dropped off the dog and emptied her out we went out again and sprayed her off (she was FILTHY already) and went for a nice drive.

We ended the drive at like 11pm and with 600km’s. We were disappointed that we had to leave her in the driveway. But all in all, the wait was well worth it!!
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Hopefully you can make it to our "E-Vent" on Sunday May 25th. See the thread in Canadian Elements.
I must admit that reading your story got me all excited about getting mine once again. I still have another month to wait! I try not to think about it too frequently to keep from going insane. I too am getting the SOP 5spd. Sounds like you had a blast with it for your maiden voyage. I hope to be out there soon.....

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