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Maine Coast Shout Out for Sept 3 through Sept 10

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Hey you all,
Who are you and where are you?
I'm up the coast of Maine during Sept out on the point in Brooklin, just south of Acadia / Bar Harbor area. It's actually the peninsula of land below Acadia area.

I was thinking the Mainers near by could have a mini meet. If there's enough of you, I'll plan something.

I know MochSwede is up there..

I have annual Jamborees but sometimes the Mainers have a long way to drive so this time I'm going north.

Let's toss this idea around.
Would love to meet you all.

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ARE THERE MAINE E's?:confused:

Come on......
Well, you'd be looking for Maine-E-acs!

Bah-Hah-Bah, eh?
We'll see what's on the calendar around then, never been that far north in Maine ourselves.

Anywho...we're about to take the big plunge and join the mayhem..we're heading over to Lisa's tomorrow!! Whoo hooo, can't wait to meet the peeps and see the Es and have some fuh-un!!::smile:
Yeppers, look'n for maniacs.

I thought we could have a mini meet. I know they're out there.
It would be nice to gather them up.

Somewhere near Brooklin and as you would say Bah - Hah - bah.
That's a nice area.

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