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Manual to Automatic

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Is it possible to change from a manual to an automatic transmission? Could I just buy an automatic transmission from a junk yard and have someone change them out? I was hoping someone could give me some insight.
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I have heard it is not that easy due to the ECU and other electronics but I don't know exactly what is involved.

If it were that easy I would trade you transmissions:)
Let's just hope someone knows! If it can be done I'm sure someone will let us no in here!
Never done it in the E, however swapped my AT for MT in my civic when I had it and must be close (Just reverse)

AT Tranny
Shift assembly
AT ECU (to control the engine) to include wiring.
New sensors
New bearings for Tranny (just to start fresh)
complete pedal assembly for AT (don't want that clutch in the way if you don't use it.
Driveshaft for AT (I had to get a new one when I swapped to MT cause it didn't fit.

I had it done at a reputable place and just installation was around 800, plus whatever the parts cost (can probably get most on ebaymotors).
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Thanks for your reply! So it would be best to find parts listed and find someone willing to change it out?
It would be best to sell yours and but one with an auto trans as you would have to change all the drivetrain from the flywheel back including the rear diff as its a different gear ratio. Not to mention the eletronics and guage cluster and wiring harness. There are others that would love to have a manual so it wouldn't be hard to sell. It took me awhile to find mine as about 90% made were autos.
If we could just get the owners who want to switch MT to auto together with the ones who want to switch auto to MT, everybody could save a lot of trouble and money. Seriously Tjpayneee, do a search and see if you can find the posters who have been (afaik) talked out of converting their autos to MT—there were at least a couple. If they're in the same part of the country, who knows?
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