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So as I understand it, the problem is that the PO cut a larger hole into the headliner, right?

So, what I would do is remove the headliner, by that I mean not just the fabric but the semi-flexible board the fabric is mounted to. Likely multiple interior panels would need to be removed to do this, but it's doable.

Once it's out, peel the fabric off and discard. (save one samll piece, you'll see why later)

Lay the panel down on a flat surface and cut a repair panel from something about the same thickness as the original board, even a heavy cardboard can work for this, just find something semi-rigid kinda like the original board. If you want to reinstall the original domelight, you'll need to cut a hole for that inside the new repair piece.

Now epoxy or (better) fiberglass that repair in place form the "back" side. Your goal here is a smooth surface on the side where your will be reglueing fabric

Now head down to a fabric store or an upholstery shop and buy the headliner material, take a piece of your old fabric as a sample for thickness.

Using the correct headliner adhesive (3M makes a really good product) glue the new material to the repaired board. Numerous tutorials online on how to do this, it's a little tricky to get smooth, but the Elements headliner doesn't seem like a real challenging one. I did a Volvo 740 Wagon years ago, now that was a challenge!

Reinstall, and enjoy your new "done right dome light" repair. For me, anything short of this would bug me everytime I say it. Be aware, this a full weekend's worth of work here. Not the easy way by far.:|
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