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Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Bch, Naples...Lets hang our Friday 7/31

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I'm trying to get some 'E' owners to come out to Tower Shops in Davie (university and 595) Friday July 31. This is a legal hang out where various car clubs, muscle car, hotrod, even military vehicles hang out every Friday night. There are specialty clubs such as Impala, Corvette, Jeep, etc...that hang out together. We should start our own.
If you are interested just reply to this thread and lets get something going.
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what time?

i'll try to make it. what time do you think?
I'm thinking about 6....If we want to get a nice spot.
So, so far we have 2 E's showing up?
I guess so!!! Nobody else but you has responded to the Post:-x I even rewrote it just in case they did not understand the area codes!!!
Wow i live literally 10 minutes from there, Will try to come down one Friday if you guys are still meeting
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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