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Hey Folks,

I recently bought a 2003 EX I think and I am wonder what kind of milage other folks get with a similar model. It's a two wheel drive

Any help always great,

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Look for something in the 20's. I have a 4WD and it gets 20 around town and 23 to 25 highway on cruse control. Weather this time of year will bring that down slightly for me. I got 19 Mpg the last tank. But we had some heavy snow. Also Idel time in stop and go takes it's toll on economy.

I live in North Quincy and work over at the Prudential area in Boston. I park my car on either the I-93 N or the Morrissey Blvd parking lots every morning when I go into work. This allows me to catch up on sleep, eat breakfast, and finish my coffee all behind the wheel.

I would be extremely lucky to to get more than 180 miles out of a 11 gallon fill up in winter. The only time I do better is if go on longer trips outside the city when my car is actually moving.
I've got an 07 2WD MT, in the winter I see 22mpg and in the summer 25-27--about half and half city and highway driving. if i'm going cross country with her, I generally see the mileage climb to 30 on average.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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