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Minor dent in radiator????? someone help

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hi everyone. i got in a MINOR front end collision with another car. at first glance it only seemed like two little dents in the face mask, or bumper. but as i got a closer look it seems taht the bumper underneath the grey plastic bumper had bent the radiator slightly. should i replace the radiator? it is only slightly bent and the core is not leaking coolant. i have been driving it for the past month without any problems, such as the temperature gauge rising or anything like that. i just want the opinion of a mechanic as to if i should replace the radiator. thanks
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Did insurance pay for repairs to the vehicle? If so, mention it to them and they should cover replacing it, as I believe you are entitled to having the vehicle returned to the condition it was before the accident. That is the whole point of insurance.

[EDIT] After re-reading...sounds like you didn't have anything done. My comment below sticks.

However, if it would be done out of pocket...if it isn't leaking and is just dented, I think I'd be inclined to let it go.
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