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Hi all,

A funny thing happened tonite. My wife and I went to a catering hall for a political dinner. We parked it at the valet, as there was no on street parking. The valet looked at our Element, and nodded his head. He liked it. We smiled and went in to the dinner.

When we went to leave, I walked up to the valet and saw our Element in the parking lot. I told him that was our car. As he started to walk over to it, I noticed that this Element had a pine tree air freshener handing from the rear view mirror. Ours didn't. I took another look, as did the valet. He said ours was off to the side.

It seems this parking lot had 2 green Elements in it. We were so used to being the only one around. I guess with the way that the Element is getting popular, we need to get used to it.
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