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I am brand new to the EOC and ready to learn and contribute! Been wanting an Element since 2005 when 3 buds of mine and I drove from NY to Key West in an sunset Orange 2004. Lived out of the thing for a week and been in love since. Just purchased a 2008 EX Gray Metallic and LOVE it!

Trying not to think of the car as a curse being that I have owned it for less than a year and already been in 2 accidents! one not my fauly (rear ended) and one slightly my fault (testing all wheel drive in the snow :) ).

Here is my thought. I was thinking of finding a junked E and taking the moon roof for parts ( latch and brackets that slide into the channels) With some 1/2 in tubing and vinyl i feel I should be able to create some sort of summer space saving cover for the E. Dont want to leave it open and dont want to have the glass laying in the back.

Here is my question, Has anyone ever created a soft cover for the Moon roof in the back?
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