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CoffeeGirl, your reasons (other than the accident) are exactly why/how we got ourselves an E a couple days ago.

I was actually looking for a minivan, but the wife simply refuses to be caught in one (she calls the Windstar SE the Windstar Satan Edition :D) We have kids as well, and the interior is amazing thus far. While you can't exactly "hose it out" (that would not do wonders to the subwoofer), it is certainly cleanable with a damp rag and a good wipedown.

With regards to size, I have the linebacker part but not the 6' 5" part :D It certainly holds me in well with lots of room to spare -- being nitpicky, a little more space between my left side and the door might have been nice, but there is plenty of room as is. However, my friend IS 6' 5", and sat in the back with loads of room over his head. I think it will work for him just fine.

But the best bet is to just give it a test drive - I think based on what you are looking for you will be pleasantly surprised.

'03 E Green EX
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