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Coffeegurl, sorry to hear about your wreck, but things will pass and if you should decide to get an Element, be prepared to give yourself about 20 minutes of extra time wherever you go so you can explain what it is to people not knowing that that "strange Honda thingie" is. And be prepared to fall for it head over heels when you test drive it when you go to the showroom to do so. Be prepared to drive it out the door that day! Be prepared to look EVERYWHERE for stuff you can add to it, stick on it, fasten to it and otherwise........ACCESSORIZE! Yes indeed, this is a fine vehicle. One exception might be the gas mileage. My 2001 CRV got better mileage than this E does and that is something that is a personal affliction with me. Other people tell of getting better mileage in theirs, so all I can say is maybe California's restrictive smog rules and other related BS (that means Big Stories!) are what is happening to mine.
Another final note, when you wanna clean your Element out, get the leaf blower, open both doors and have at it!!

SHAKA! (the unofficial greeting and salutation of the E owner)

Ger :D
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