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By the way, I can't say enough good things about the Nomad Jukebox 3. It's worked beautifully so far, holds more than the iPod, has way more features (recording, line-in, 2 line-outs, all sorts of audio controls) and has easily-replaced batteries (which I guess the iPod doesn't). Oh, and bonus - it's silver and blue, so it matches my Element's interior perfectly.
We have one small thing in common, I can't say enough good things about my mp3 player. Only mine is an iPod, which by the way does have a 20gb model and was the first company to go that big. I am happy for you though, I wish my batteries were replaceable too so I could spend tons of money on batteries. But I guess I'll just have to live with my 10 hour lithium polymer rechargeable battery. I can't remeber the last time I listened to music for 10 hours in one day or even in several consecutive days. Even still it plugs right into the 12v. Plus I can roll down a mountain with my 20 min skip protection. If you are a pc user :roll: ........ :roll: I understand it may not be as convenient a product as it is when used on Apple's system (I really don't even have to think). It just syncs with my songs on my comp and I go. :lol: (do I sound like one of the mac "switcher ads")

Honestly if I didn't own a mac I wouldn't have had a real reason to go with the iPod. You don't gain anything over the Jukebox, except size.

Both are great units if you're in the market for a serious mp3 unit!
I just thought I'd have fun with the pc vs. mac rivalry :wink: :!:

With that said,
..Buying a Mac is a lot like buying a Honda: you're buying a reputable piece of equipment that is well built.
..Buying a PC is a lot like getting a mutt. First of all who's is it (there's part from 50 different "parents")? Secondly, it's more likely to get sick. And last of all it's just plain ugly.
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