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second, i generally use a mac and i have a 10GB ipod (as does my wife), but i think you're doing us all a disservice, mfpar35 and smobbinsi, by being condescending and rude. why would people even consider switching computers when users of the alternate brand go out of their way to be elitist and downright rude? we all want apple to do well, so we can continue to use their excellent products long into the future. try to be more polite when introducing people to their benefits, such as the amazing ipod. and yes, i realize that you said you were "just having fun with it", but your tone was really uncalled for.
Excuse me for having some fun...I retract my elitist remark :oops:

Really, I mean no offense to anybody, and hope that nobody got hurt from my statements. I will now go do a good deed for the day to make up for my behavior, and report back with the results.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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