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I just installed these and it's very easy - in other words - don't let your dealer charge you to install these or do it yourself. :D

The front splash guards go just like the directions but there are a couple of small tips for the back splash guards I think you folks might find useful...

1. Get yourself a very short phillips screwdriver (it says this right in the directions) or use a ratchet with a phillips screwdriver bit attachment or just stuff an electric screwdriver bit into an appropriately sized socket with a bit of tape jammed in there so it won't fall out (this is what I did).

2. Before installing the metal clips - squeeze them closed a bit more - this will help them stay in place better.

3. After you place the metal clips - run the screw through them - this will also help them stay in place but more importantly it will be easier to thread them in when you have the splash guard in place.

4. Follow the instructions to the letter regarding which screws to tighten first. You might not think it matters but it does.

It occurs to me that I've may be making this sound like a difficult project - it really is not - this is the easiest project you'll probably ever do on the Element besides sticking a hula girl to the dash. :D

Hope this helps,
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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