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My 75K maintenance so far...

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Well I just finished ordering everything I could think of for a 75K tune up, this is what I have so far....

$59.00 - Honda factory Service manual
$7.50 - Honda Vinyl cleaner and protectant (its about time)
$2.00 - Honda OEM - Oil drain plug with extra crush washers
$63.12 - Honda OEM - 12 quarts of ATF-Z1 auto trans fluid
$15.00 - Honda OEM - Automatic trans filter
$5.80 - Honda OEM - 2 12oz bottles of power steering fluid
$31.00 - Honda OEM - Serpentine belt
$92.00 - Honda OEM - Factory brake pads (F & R)
$110.00 - Brembo brake discs (F & R) -
$382.00 - KYB GR2 struts/shocks all around -
$20.00 - BG brand 44K fuel system cleaner ( it was listed with all the other OEM fluids, so what the heck )

$55.00 - Honda OEM Spark plugs (wow thats crazy now that I think about it)
$20.00 - Honda OEM - Oil filter wrench for specific honda oil filters
$30.00 - Honda OEM - 6 pack of oil filters
$5.00 - Honda OEM - Kiwi metallic touch up paint

$25.00 - 5 qts Quakerstate 5W20 synthetic

Total - $ 922.50 - give or take some cents

And I'm not even done yet, I still plan on flushing the radiator and changing my diff fluid. Oh yeah, and I will need an alignment. Plus, adjusting my valves would be something I might do, I know it should be done at 110K (I think)

Granted, everything I bought isn't always needed for a 75K maintenance, but some small stuff like the paint touch up, oil filter wrench and vinyl cleaners are just nice to have when you start racking up the miles.

I'm not telling anyone they should do all this, I am just letting everyone know. Could anyone input some good preventative maintenance that I should include?
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For brake work, get a service manual. It's not rocket surgery, but the penalty for error can be severe.
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