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My First Honda!!

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Yesterday I received my 2009 Element EX. It is Crystal Black Pearl. I have a tendency to buy black vehicles. We traded a 2004 Mazda6 s Sportwagon with 127000 miles. I drive a lot of miles for work and this car just doesn't like the snow, slush, or wet Last winter was the last straw, as I was going down a slight grade at 15 miles an hour on the interstate, the car went into a full spin and I wound up staring into two lanes of traffic that included a semi. Thank goodness they were able to stop, as we were all going slowly. I got going in the right direction, and went about 1/4 mile and went sliding...ok, I knew it was time for a 4WD for this girl.

I loved these E's when they were first introduced, but husband didn't like them. Not enough power for him...and now they have bumped that up a bit and he likes them now. I have had Chrysler Concorde, PT Cruiser, the Mazda and now this. I am taking some flack for not buying American blah blah blah. My retort is, Element is assembled here and after having major issues with Chrysler vehicles, I am done with American vehicles.

Thanks for having this forum, I look forward to reading the posts and learning more about the Element!! =)


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You won't regret it. The wife and I both drive Hondas and love them. You couldn't pay me to own a Chrysler.

The "foreign" thing isn't what it used to be. The sticker on my new Element says 65% of the parts come from the US and Canada and of course it is assembled in Ohio. Honda just built a large plant here in Indiana to build Civics and Fits. There are now thousands of Hoosiers with a new job. While the Big Three continue their layoffs. :rolleyes:

Welcome to the Element (and Honda) club! I'm a new EOC member myself!

P.S. That black is really sharp. I originally wanted black but didn't want the beige interior.
That sounds so familiar... My grand cherokee had so many problems that I swore off Chrysler for good. That was 10 years ago. I have owned Hondas ever since. Honda=Reliability!!!:D

Welcome! I picked up my silver EX last Monday, but it's our third Honda. Have always been very pleased with how they hold their value, how little maintenance they need besides oil changes, and how they don't seem to pick up the rattles and squeaks and assorted noises that my American vehicles did over the years. I'm sure you'll be equally happy with your E!
Welcome! Nice pics of the E! Gotta <3 import vehicles (even though the E is made here :))
Welcome aboard MyKelzy! Visit often, share your travels and post photos!
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