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My little truck

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Great Pic! I love to see happy E owners side by side with their happy lil' E!!!!
Thanks, here are a few more.

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Love the scenery too....what part of the country are you located in?
Definitely new - I have not seen the odometer under 1000 for a few weeks. :lol:

Be good to your "E" in the breakin period. She'll be nice to you for life.

Welcome to our little corner of the web.
That was in Knoxville, Im in NC.
That was when she was new, I have since then taken her to Dallas, TX and have about 6k on her since March.
I'm at almost 2 weeks with about 700 miles. That'll bump up a bit when I roadtrip from SF to Vancouver, BC to Seattle to Spokane back to SF next month. How was it for long trips? I'm planning to sleep in the E during the long haul from SF to Vancouver.
Well, it handles the road better than I expected. Its pretty sure footed. I have an automatic. I slept in it and to be honest I wasnt impressed at all. It wasnt very confortable on the seats themselves. I would suggest getting a foam mat or even a small air mattress.
I'm In NC Too.. zarathustra, what part are you in?? I am in charlotte
I'm in NC too! I think we need to start thinking about having a get together. Seems like there are quite a few of us 'Carolina E's now. I'm in the Triangle--work in Chapel Hill and live in Durham.
Im in gastropolis!
Ther is another Element owner here but they arent very friendly.
Some more pics of a recent trip.
I had a ton of mud in my rear cargo area and when I got home I just turned on the hose and washed it out. Hope I don't wind up regretting it.

Here are our babies peeking thier head through the center console area.

Plenty of room for a weekend campout and two dogs!

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My question is... can you upload any LARGER images? :wink:

Yeah I resized the latest ones, to be honest I was too tired to resize the others, if you like I can do it.
The pups are mighty adorable! and it sure looks like they are in their "element"!
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