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my new, DIY console

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I wasn't happy with the 04 E console. water bottles flew everywhere, it didn't hold much at all, and it just seemed like Honda wimped out on making something USEFUL.

Here's my model. done with mdf. fiberglass resin, one hinge, some rubber, and paint. I'm still adding a cup holder compartment with a simple divider.
but here are some pics anyways.
Id love to see what others think, and what other consoles the element can possibly use from other cars.

thanks for any criticisms.


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oh! 1 more thing

just above where the handbrake, that flat slab is a lid for a small compartment.
for loose change, cell phone charger, and whatever else would fit that you dont want in plain view.

of course. i can pull it up to its maximum and its still fine.
i made a cardboard prototype before hand making sure it wouldn't interfere with the P break function at all.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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