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I have kust ober 2000 miles on my "E" so far and I scratched the rear plastic fender the first week I had it, by getting too close to a jagged hedge in my driveway. I actually wasn't that up[set about it initially, since I assumed the material was easy to repair. I tried a plastic cleaner/polish from the dealer which did nothing but leave a white residue. The the detailer at the dealership used lacquer thinner and armorall (non-oliy) on the spot and it had actually disappeared(which is what I expected when I bought the car. Fingernail scratches will disappear with this method too but deep scratches would be another thing. But then if it was a painted surface, you'd be in the same boat anyway! The Element has some design "issues", but it's still a great car, fun to drive, and gets more attention than anything else on the road (which pisses a lot of people off....apparently). It's NOT a hummer (thank God!) THERE's a dumb car!
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