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NC Eyebank chooses Element

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I've been wondering how long it would take for various buisnesses to realize that the Element would make a very functional delivery vehicle. I can envision the E as a florist's or dog groomers vehicle of choice.

Well, I just saw a shoreline mist AWD E being used by the NC Eyebank.

Maybe the E is an eyeopener in more ways than one!
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I use mine as a nameplate for my biz. Big logo on the back window says "Blue Eagle Race Videos" with a cartoon eagle head in the middle. I drive it thru the race pits to be noticed by people who have ordered from me videos of the previous car races. With a big spotlight on top and flames on the side (placed on the blue part of the fender and extending along the high beltline of the door, just under the window) it gets is share of attention.

Ger, that Blue Eagle Race Video guy
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