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Greetings Midwest EOC'ers!
Hoping someone could do a favor for me.

I am a huge fan of the band Rush,and a collector of all useless trinkets that clutter my home:D

There is a microbrewery in the Twin Cities area called and they make a Porter called Cygnus X-1,created as a tribute to their/my favorite band.

I have contacted them,and sadly they do not distibute in my area :-(,and I can't buy it online anywhere.

I would love to add a six pack of this to my collection.
What I'm asking from someone willing,is that if you see this in your travels,and wouldn't mind picking up a warm six pack for me,
I will mail you cash up front for the product/postage/packing/your time etc.
if you just pack it up in a small box and mail it to me here in N.Y.

Please PM me or respond to this thread if anyone is willing.

Thanks for reading-Much Appreciated!

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