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Hey All,

I am a newbie. I have been shopping for a couple of weeks now. First I was looking at the Honda Civic Hybrid because the gas mileage was ideal for the amount of traveling that I do on a daily basis.

So this past weekend I went to Jim Coleman Honda in Clarksville, Md. and test drove the Honda Civic Hybrid for the second time because I was getting serious about actually purchasing. However, even though you can't beat the gas mileage the car is awfully tiny for my size. My knees felt like they were in my chin. So out of curiosity I test drove the Element and LOVED it!!

Now the dealer was unwilling to give me estimates unless I was willing to buy it that day. I am definitly interested in the EX 4 wheel drive. According to the invoice is $19,493.00. How much over that should I be willing to pay.

Also how is Honda's financing?


Mr. A

This site is great!!
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