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Need Mechanic for Engine Swap

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So happy this Forum exists! First time I've needed to post but I've been so pleased to read about other Element owners' experience in the past.
I've just been told my 2007 Honda Element SC (214k miles) will need a new engine within 6 months. The timing chain is stretched and the engine has damage. Just spent $1100 on various sensors and a used ECM/PCM and throttle body. After all this, idle wouldn't "relearn" and told it's time for a new engine. I've seen lots of good sources for buying an engine here but HOW do I select a mechanic I can trust? I'm on the road so hence no local person to call -- I'll be in upstate NY and Vermont for 2.5 months and hope to have it done then. HELP? Any suggestions on selecting someone? Any referrals?

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I am in CT and could replace the engine in a weekend. $1000 you buy the parts.
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Where about? Can't seem to get to a profile. Would definitely need coordination on "parts"!
I am in prospect CT I’ll shoot you a private message as soon as I figure out how lol
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