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the ones I have found indicate they are "primered" bumpers. I don't think this is what I need, as I do not intend to paint it. I just need a dark gray plastic cover...
EX bumpers/fenders are painted on the '07 models. Do you maybe have an LX? A different year?

Or by "bumper cover" do you maybe mean the plastic insert that goes in the center of the bumper (like the license plate area)?

The bumper cover (and fenders) are shown in blue here...

The rectangular lower piece between the fog lights shown in silver is the "insert."

This is what the cover looks like off the car....

If your car looks like this (but green, not blue of course)....

You'll need the primered version, the upper portion is painted and the lower portion remains "plain." (It is hard to spot the insert in this version)

Good luck.
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