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So we have been working feverishly on a few things here at Backcountry Edge. We will have our very first print catalog hitting the presses early to mid March and we have had a big influx of 2008 product from many of our manufacturers. I figured that I should take a minute to pitch a few of the new things out there that I have been looking forward to. My outdoor interests may not account for everything so please feel free to call my attention to anything that I have missed.

First off are a couple of backpacking tents. Backpacking Tents

Big Agnes has just rolled out the Copper Spur series of tents that are some of the lightest 2 and 3 person double wall tents that I have ever seen, and even lighter than a few single wall designs. 3lbs 13oz average packed weight for the two person and 4lb 12oz for the 3 person is impressive when you account for the fact that these are both 2 door/ 2 vestibule tents. Big Agnes has also added an 3 person model to the award winning Emerald Mountain series.

Marmot has add 2 new standout models to their line, as well as revamped the rest of their ultralight line. The Aura 2p and the Aeros 3p are beautiful 3 season designs with lots of mesh for ventilation and a design that gives an impressive amount of interior volume. The walls are nearly vertical due to the design of the pole structure, and that means more livable space and more comfort.

MSR has revamped the Hubba series with a new fly design and material, and the addition of the Hubba HP tents for the "shoulder" seasons, i.e. fall/winter and winter/spring when all the mesh of summer minded tents may provide a bit too much airflow. The Hubba series is about as close to iconic as any piece of gear can be due to the revolutionary features that they brought into the market for it's segment. If you have read an issue of Backpacker Magazine in the past few years, you have seen one of the Hubba tents in their shots.

Sierra Designs has made their entire lineup more environmentally friendly through a move to pvc free seam tape and changing the fabric dying techniques on their tent fabrics. They have also added the Velox model which is a single / double wall hybrid design that provides great ventilation and keeps weight to a minimum.

Kelty has made some nice updates and additions to the Gunnison line. The updates include new DAC poles that contribute to the weight reduction of the tents, and the addition is a new 3 person model. There are also a few nice brand new models that Kelty is promoting with a sweepstakes to win a free trip to Iceland.

On to the bigger Tents Family Tents

Sierra Designs has added the Bedouin Annex 4+2. The Bedouin 4 is a popular tent, so to make it even better they have added a screen room extension to the front side of the tent that can serve as gear storage space or additional sleeping space. The full fly coverage for the entire tent is great, and can be simply rolled back from the screen room when it is not necessary. I really like this tent and may have to get my paws on one for some bike trips this spring.

Marmot has a new BIG tent with the addition of the new Townhouse 6p. It is essentially two 3 person tents that are joined by a common vestibule / breezeway.

Kelty has added the Lounge 4 and 6 model to provide ample interior space with a generous vestibule for families. Couple that up with DAC aluminum poles and some great interior organizational features and it looks like a great addition.

The Big Agnes Pine Island 4 is a great 2 door / 2 vestibule for 4 people that weighs is at under 10lbs. This new tent is a great car camping or base camp option, or split it up the body, fly, and poles far a family backpacking trip.

That is all I have in me for tents right now. If there is interest, I will try to get to sleeping bags and packs some time soon , but I figures that I could test the waters with this. Maybe this is simply boring to anyone but "gear heads". Feel free with questions or comments via email, or at 1800-617-0643 (just ask for me, we don't work on commission but the E.O.C. sponsorship is one of my projects :wink:) Of course the 10% E.O.C. discount applies to anything, including the items above, and applies to the entire order.

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