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New '08 grill on my E...

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I have had this idea for a while it just took me longer to get it done than I had hoped. I wanted to add some more gold to the car somewhere subtle but not too much. I installed the anodized gold lower control arms a couple weeks ago. Now I wanted something up front with a little gold. This was one of those situations where in my head I thought the white '08 grill with a gold H emblem was gonna look awesome. I thought it would tie the whole car together. Up until the second I put it on and stepped back I pictured it looking soooo good. Now that it's on I really do not like it at all. I attached it with just the clips temporarily for the pics and I'm putting my old grill back on. I'm thinking blacked out headlight housings would help but I never really wanted to do the whole black/white theme that so many do.

I'm open to any and all opinions, what do you guys think? :confused:



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Old grille

How about the old grill with the gold "H" emblem in the center? I agree that there is just something not right with the new one. The white/black/gold combo just ain't workin'!
little bit of SICKNESS!!!!

Burn I have seen your E bout a 1/2 dozen times and I have to say I like the new grill.

The old grill is very aggressive.

The new one is a little more subtle and classy IMHO...
I actually like it :cool: what about the bottom? any plans in mind?
I like it looks really classy. i say keep it.
Maybe if you painted the entire grill white??
So just the H is gold and no other color is there??

Not sure. I actually like the old photos.

Maybe someone can photoshop it for you so you can
see what it would look like all white!
That is not bad at all. I think what you're seeing is the white-ness of the headlights. If you added black housing, that would be so sweet. You just need something black on the front to tie it all in. I like your idea. That is really sweet. I think you have great taste. This is really something original that will definitely work. Just pop those headlights in the oven and make that housing black!:D
One thing about blacking out the housing..can it be undone? That is y I am hesitant..I opted to swap for the 08 grill as bout golderizing the bars and whiting out the trim...or gold the trim and keepthe bars white...I've seen ur e and I like this better but the color combo ain't working..try mine
The new grille looks great!

You now have a baby tuner Pilot from the front. Looks really "factory special edition" now.
really nice
That's a winner.:)

I was thinking of doing the same to mine but I figure it'll start looking like a pontiac since it would be TRP.
wow. thats sick. paint your headlights black and it would look better, IMO. you could also paint the headlight ring gold. i wanted to paint mine red, but im not that good at painting :D
i will some day
Wow I love the new look! If there was some way to put a light blue tint on the chrome of the headlights to match the driving lights I think that would tie it all together. Just a thought. Drew.
I agree with Abulevan. That's the way to go!
I think it looks great w/ the white and the gold rims.
Option 1: black out headlights

Option 2: Gold Bars and white trim

BONUS opinion: Golderize the the yellow tint that Rde and many others have done.
If you kept the old grill, I would recommend also to mount a gold H emblem.

As for the new grill, the black looks like it's throwing it off... Perhaps painting the entire thing white.
Both look good... would say it depends on what style your going for. Before pic looks more "tuner" aggressive, and the after looks cleaner. Like you said the blacked out headlights would add to the look of the new grill. Don't think it would really make it look like you were going for a black/white theme as the black in the headlights would be somewhat subtle. It's not like the entire light would be blacked out.. just the outlines of the reflectors.
I think they both look good too.....nice work
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