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New 2010 SC

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Stole it from my local Honda dealer who took it in as a trade. Was listed for all of 1 hour before I snapped it up. 2010 SC with new Goodyears, excellent condition, and both keys with fobs. 14K out the door with TTL.

Replaced the Brakes with upgraded PowerStop powered coated calipers + drilled and slotted rotors. Upgraded to a Sony XAV6000AX, which sounds great with stock amp and speakers. Not much else to do, maybe paint the grill orange to match the accent colors inside.
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Welcome to the EOC UncleDaddyZ ! :)

Ooh Yeah! Roobeer Metallic! One of my favorite Element colors! :)
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Congrats on your purchase, love that color! I couldn't help but notice that you posted the year as 2010. Did the dealer list it as a 2010?

That body style SC was only made from 07-08, and Root Beer Metallic was only available for those two years as well. Sorry, had to ask.
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