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I cannot find the pics I took of my air horn install, I got them cheap off Ebay, two different size horns and an air pump. I took off the front cladding and put them in the same area the old horn was located. I aimed them straight down, and drilled out a bunch of 3/4" holes in the lower part of the plastic so more of the "sound" could get out.

They don't sound too much louder than the stock horn, but do have quite a different sound. I am happy as my old horn sounded like a sheep with laryngitis.

I did NOT install the relay that came with it but hooked the original horns wiring up to the air compressor. I "rooted" my horn several times around the house, but did not really give it a good try till I was out on the road.

Next thing I know the horn doesn't work, neither do the brake lights, and I have a VSA light and an exclamation mark lit up on my dash. {it did NOT go into "limp mode" though.

I replaced the 15 amp "horn" fuse in the fuse box under the hood and all is well again at least till the higher amp fuse causes my whole electrical system to go up in smoke. LOL
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