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new beginnings

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hey guys, i know i haven't been on in a while and just wanted to give an update to what's going on. as a few of you might know by now, i've quit my job at my families business. i've been doing that for the last 20 years and it's really taken a toll on my body and mind. i've decided to go in a totally different direction in my life so i am now a partner at Bikewerx. we are a bicycle store here in mililani. i don't want to sound too much like a commercial here, but as you can imagine the economy has not been the greatest here for small businesses. i would really appreciate, if you need anything bicycle related, please come by and see what we have to offer. bikes, parts, service, anything. we also do skateboards and have a pretty good selection of clothes, both t-shirts and some dressier stuff. i'm going to try to beat mail order prices on most special order items so please give us a chance before you buy online. again, i'm sorry if this sounds like a commercial but i have a lot of money and time invested here and would really appreciate the support of the hawaii element owners family. i'm still off on saturdays so we can probably still go to future meets. hope to see you all soon.
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Aloha Aching,

Hey, congratulations and all the best to you in your new venture! I'm sure you've thought long and hard before making the big move, especially with a young family to take care of.

Having been in the bike biz myself for close to a decade and with the technology and industry constantly changing and evolving, it was probably the most exciting, rewarding and satisfying time in my working life. But it did have its challenges and it took a lot of hard work as well.

However, if you have that entrepeneurial spirit, the drive, passion, and enthusiasm, you can't help but to succeed, even in a sour economy and in spite of the fact that Hawaii isn't the most business-friendly place on the planet. You guys are firmly established in the community and have found a niche; play to your strengths and stay focused. Must feel great to be your own boss!

The economy is going to turn around one day and the State will eventually work though its troubles. Be ready! And no need to apologize for sounding your own horn. All good businesspeople do it, but the bottom line - it's usually better to under-promise and over-deliver.

Again, all the best!
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Cools deals bro. We will make Bikewerx the official bike place for the HEOC. =) Hey you planning to make stickies because if you are I will proudly sport one on my ride =)
Hey you planning to make stickies because if you are I will proudly sport one on my ride =)
Me too. You'll get TONS of business from........wait, nevermind. :-(
Congratulations. Here's wishing you the best of luck on your new venture. Don't be afraid to show us stuff by when we're on a meet so we help you sell.
Hey Aaron! Will definitely see you when I'm ready to order a new bike! Best of luck with the new venture...
thanks for the support guys. it's nice to see most people here understand the struggles of running a small business. also cool to see elemento in the store the other day. i just put in the order for the helmets today and should be getting them in a couple weeks. we're also in the process of ordering some higher end mountain bikes so if anyone is interested let me know. oh, big sale this weekend too. okay, enough commercial.
Trying to hook my man Aaron up long distance style.

you can email those bike pics to [email protected]

And just a heads up, you guys might want to go and check the links on your website. Pretty much all the links on the bike pic page are broken.
aching, does your business have a website yet? if not, it's probably a good idea to set up a cool site...
They do, but it needs an overhaul like I mentioned above. ^^^
yeah, our website is in need of a serious makeover. it basically hasn't really been updated since they opened the site back in 2007. i'm going to try to get control of that because we're carrying a lot more products now and the website doesn't really show what our store is all about. oh, and if anyone is looking for a higher end mountain bike, we just got in a shipment of Santa Cruz mountain bikes and are expecting our first couple of Intense bikes in a couple weeks. stop by and check them out. if i didn't already have so many bikes at home, i'd definately take home one of the bikes that just came in.
Thanks to elemento for stopping by the store and making a much appreciated purchase. In these hard times, it's nice to see people trying to support local businesses. He even got the special HEOC discount, it's not much but it's all we can afford at the moment. If anyone is interested, we'll be having a big sale this weekend. Contact me for more info, don't want to sound like a commercial here. Okay, to sum up, thanks elemento, HEOC discount, big sale this weekend. Hope to see you all there!!!
Sorry I haven't sent Jake up there to pick out a bike yet.
He did some not so great stuff and I don't see a reason to reward him for screwing up.
no problem. don't worry about it. whenever you're ready, we should have something to fit his needs. on a side note, a couple more local markets are closing for business this week and will be replaced by mainland stores. the more this happens, the more money will leave the state and that's not good for anybody. just a little reminder to support local businesses.
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