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Aloha Aching,

Hey, congratulations and all the best to you in your new venture! I'm sure you've thought long and hard before making the big move, especially with a young family to take care of.

Having been in the bike biz myself for close to a decade and with the technology and industry constantly changing and evolving, it was probably the most exciting, rewarding and satisfying time in my working life. But it did have its challenges and it took a lot of hard work as well.

However, if you have that entrepeneurial spirit, the drive, passion, and enthusiasm, you can't help but to succeed, even in a sour economy and in spite of the fact that Hawaii isn't the most business-friendly place on the planet. You guys are firmly established in the community and have found a niche; play to your strengths and stay focused. Must feel great to be your own boss!

The economy is going to turn around one day and the State will eventually work though its troubles. Be ready! And no need to apologize for sounding your own horn. All good businesspeople do it, but the bottom line - it's usually better to under-promise and over-deliver.

Again, all the best!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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