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new but not to the E!

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Hello to all of you out there. I have 2 yes 2! Orange 2003 Element EX's. I bought my wife hers about 6 months ago, and I had a 2004 Accord 5 speed. After driving hers and realizing how "cool" this thing was, I went out and bought another one. I love this car its the most fun I have had in a car.... (well lets not get too carried away, ) that I have ahad in a long long time. I am looking to mod both of them, to make them a bit different, so any thoughts on wheels, body painting and etc. Im all about learning :) thx to all in advance for your help.
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Welcome to the club . I'm jealous you get to mod two E's ! Oh yeah and I do suggest you post pics. of the E's . It's a must or we won't answer your questions ;-) Complete your profile info as well . It makes it easier to help you in the future.
Welcome aboard x 2
many thx

X2, I like the nickname... Anyway, im looking to add a DVD played HU to mine along with wheels, and possibly having the doors painted from the "crease" down to match the grey panels.....give it a sema look.... Hers id like to add a nose mask, carpeted floors, and maybe paint her trim peices to match the outside color, oh yeah and Im looking for an SC console... see ya guys, ill get pics up this weekend if I remember... the zoobears taxi is from my 11 mo old daughter Zoey... I seem to find myself driver her all around. :)

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