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We just picked up a dog this weekend. His parents already had 2 cats and another dog and they were about to have a baby and they didn't feel like they could care for all of their animals and a new baby. As a result, they gave their 2 year old mini-dachshund to my wife and I. As some of you know, we already have a one year old mini and we thought that they would get along great.

Well we picked him up this morning and our lives have not been the same since. He was fine for the first hour or two and then I think he realized that he was not going to be going home and he started panicing. He has been terrorizing our puppy and crying extremely loud the entire time. The worst was when my mother in law pulled up in her xB and locked the car. Joey (the new dog) absolutely flipped out because his parents had the same make and color and ever since he heard that horn honk, he has been inconsolable.

He has made our dog uncomfortable in his own house to the point where he is just running for cover and he has cried in our ears for the last 6 hours. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do. I want to just call and see if his family will take him back. He misses them so much and everytime he cries, my heart breaks because I feel like I took someone's pet. :-(
I guess you'll just have to ask the mother-in-law not to visit your home ever again.... awwwww;-)
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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