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New "E" owner '04 EX GGM with 41890 miles

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I have been patiently waiting for a good deal on a Honda Element and I just got one the other day. It's an '04 EX 2WD GGM with 41890 miles for $9500. I got all the maintenance records. Interior is immaculate. It still have the new car smell. Upholstery is perfect. Only thing is of course it has a crack on the windshield. I already made an appointment with the dealership where the previous owner had it serviced and they said they will check if its caused by the dreaded stress crack and try to ask Honda to cover the windshield. I am enjoying it so far. Rides and drives like new. You may call it a downgrade since I sold my '04 BMW 530i with 50000 miles on it and got this. But I am enjoying driving my new (to me) "E" and I can even load almost anything. It's very spacious.
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Hey Thirdy...!

Welcome to the EOC...!

As you will undoubtedly find out, the folks here would like to see pics of your new addition to your family (and ours)... I'm here as a new owner as well and hope she brings you many years of service and enjoyment...

Remember to SEARCH first, THEN post if you can't find it... Tons of info out there for mod(ification)s otherwise the Mod(erator)s tend to get bothered... Remember, if you don't trouble them, they get to spend more time with their E's and everyone is happy all around...!!! This is a pretty cool bunch of owners (last I checked, The Best on this planet anyways...) but they do tend to get kind of "rowdy"...

All said, congrats and welcome again...!

Hello and congrats on your new "E"-----with those low miles, you'll have a long, happy car life ahead. :D
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