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New Element, with Lame Dealer Decal GRRRRR!!!

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WEll brought home my new black ex 4wd, I didnt notice before drivering off but the dealer on top of the usual plate frame, applied a silver logo, which reads, "By the Dean" under the slick well designed element tag. Can this be removed without damaging the paint? or is it damage done I have to live with? not sure if it matter but it applied friday morning. Any help appriciated. thanks

holling :?:
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They are usually glued on. Try taking some fishing line and used it to pass behind the tag "By the Dean". You may have to work it back and forth several times to get it to remove the glue. It may take a while, but it can remove the tag. It removes the tag, and leaves no damage to the paint. You will want to go slow, and don't, and I say don't pull on the tag.

You can always take it to the dealer, and ask them to remove it, as it was not what you agreed to, but check the contract, some places the dealer will reserve the right to put something like that on your new car.
RML - never heard about the fishline technique, I'll pass this one on to others. I lucked out this time decal.


Even though I DID NOT take Honda financing, the dealer put a couple of HONDA FINANCE stickers on the driver/passenger windows...hate that sh-t. Took out the GOO-GONE (100% Organic Citrus Power, bio-degradeable) and removed the stickers.

As a fishline alternative, the GOO-GONE label says that it is safe to remove stickers, grease, gum, tar, crayon, tape from AUTOS, boats, upholstery, hands.....
A heat gun or hair dryer can also be used to loosen up adhesives. I have done this many a time to remove persistent tape labels from data cartridges. It was actually rfecommended to me by 3M.

All great ideas, guys. I carefully peeled off my vinyl dealer sticker with just my finger nails. Hate those stickers - the guys at my dealer are very nice but they knock off any on the price of the car to advertise for them so PFFFFFFT!!!!
From the mouth of one who works with heatguns daily...

Just run a heatgun on low over the area until the sticker/plaque comes off... easy

if removing sticker from glass... all you have to do is squirt a little soapy water around the sticker (for lubrication) and scrape it off with a #9 single edge razor blade ~ no adhesive removers are required. (I also remove a dozen plus window stickers a day)
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