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Back in June, I think, at 96k miles, I reported that I replaced my front pads and rotors. I used NAPA rotors and lifetime pads. Well I'm now at 107k miles. One or both rotors warped so bad the car was very shaky to stop from highway speeds. I'm not sure why, but the pad/rotor combination sucked.

I took all the wheels off and set up my dial indicator. Of course I could only check the runout on the outside surface due to the backing plate. I couln't measure any noticable runout.

I had the nearly new rotors turned. Only one of the rotors needed a second pass on the inside surface. Perhaps that was the problem surface. I used factory Honda pads this time, and all is well.

If anybody is looking for new pads or rotors, I'd stay away from the NAPA lifetime pads and rotor combination.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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