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When you experience harsh shaking under braking there is one thing to try before throwing more money at the situation:


The bedding procedure is the most commonly overlooked step of any brake pad change. Just follow this procedure:

- Make a series of 5-7 medium pressure stops from 45-5 mph (don't actually stop)
- Cool-down by driveing back & forth on an open road without using brakes for 5-8 minutes
- Make a series of 5-7 high pressure stops from 55-5mph (don't actually stop)
- When you smell burning brake pads your done
- Do another 5-7 minute cool-down drive

The whole idea is that you lay down a nice even coating of pad material on the rotors. If the pads deposit material unevenly, the rotors will always shake. Uneven deposits are usually the result of making a high-speed heavy stop and then keeping the vehicle motionless at a stop light (freeway off ramp). The pad material gets baked onto one section of rotor as you wait at the light. Re-bedding the pads usually cures this (unless it IS a runout problem)...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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