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New Here! Wanting advice about selling my Element

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I have a 2005 burnt orange Honda Element with about 150k miles. I'm the original owner, and it's in pretty decent condition. I've heard that people are paying a lot of money for the Elements lately and need advice on the best platform(s) to sell it. Thanks in advance!
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I think it’s unlikely they’d accept an Element with so many miles. In the last year most have had under 60,000 miles.

There are several factors in determining a realistic starting price. Where do you live? Do you have maintenance records (a big plus)? Is it manual or automatic? 2WD or AWD? Pictures help too.

Of course this is an Element enthusiast site. Many here will try to talk you into keeping it! :)
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My suggestion: Don't
I sold a nice 2010 EX awd automatic w 115k miles earlier this year.

I took tons of photos and videos.

Listed it here for $12K and got zero response.

Listed it on Facebook for $12K and got zero response.

Listed it on Craigslist for $12K and sold it the same day for the asking price.

Your mileage may vary.
I'm looking for an Element so post it here! :)
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