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Hello Everyone! My boyfriend has been an element owner since 2004 and now I am...Yay! I was wondering, do floor mats come standard with the car and where is the best place to get car seat covers (besides Honda) for the Element 2009 EX AT with Navi? (Pictures of my car will soon be posted)


Welcome to the EOC. There is a wealth of information in this forum. What one person does not know someone else does.
I purchased OEM Element seat covers for my E shortly after I bought it from HANDA. However, if you have side air bags in your E you cannot use them. Floormats to my knowledge, are not original equipment. I started out with the all weather rubber floormats (which I still have if you are interested) and ended up with carpeted ones. The carpeted ones are a bit more maintenance intensive (vacuuming) but look better. Hope this helped some.

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