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Woo hoo! My first post and it is a reply!

I bought the Genuine Factory Honda Element All Season floor mats from H and A and am pretty happy with them on my new 09 EX. I did not like the factory (hard-plastic looking) cargo tray for the back, so I bought the Lloyd RubberTite mat from AutoAnything for the rear. Grippy, will hold spilled liquids and the fit is snug. The only goofy thing is that it has little nubs on the bottom, as if it were to go over a carpeted cargo area. Not a big deal, but goofy nonetheless.

Seat covers... I saw some from H and A for the rear, but not for the front for the 09. There was a notice about not putting seat covers on seats with built-in airbags.

I would be interested if there are any OEM looking seatcovers that would be airbag safe...
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