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New Owners tomorrow

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Looked thoroughly at the E 5 years ago when we bought the Pilot. E just wasn't big enough. Now that it's time to replace the old Lincoln - E time.
Really didn't have to do much to convince the other half that it was the ideal dog vehicle - the concept web content didn't hurt either...

We'll be taking delivery of our TRP E in the morning. Can you folks recommend some good seat covers?


Peggy & Brian
Ceilidh & Burt (both Flatcoats):D
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Northern California greets...!

Hey there FCR_folks...!!!

Congrats on the new '09... Welcome to the club...! May she give you many years of service and enjoyment... As far as seat covers, I'm hoping you're talking about your REAR seats... You CANNOT cover (only RE-cover) your front seats because they have built-in side airbags...!!!

For the rear/back seats, please click the link below to our awesome site sponsor H-And-A Accessories... (Cheaper than the dealership for sure..!)

Scroll down a bit and the covers are there...


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Seat covers? hair is an accessory

Welcome and be sure to post pictures of the Element as well as the pups
Welcome and congrats! I had a Lincoln before the E as well:)
Did you already get it?
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