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Thanks to this great site for all of the great info. It really motivated us to buy an Element.

We went to Earnhardt's in Phoenix and dealt with the Fleet Department. They are willing to sell at invoice and others here won't. No hassle buy. I have bought other cars from them so maybe they were easy on me.

Sticker was $21,310 plus dealer add-ons plus market adjustment for a total of $24,103.

Invoice $19,722
Window Tint $ 199 (Already installed)
Doc Fees $ 249

I told them up front I didn't want any add-ons and they didn't push anything on me. I think I got their $499 Paint and Fabric protection deal for free because I said I didn't want it and it looks like it was already done.

So if you are shopping in the Southwest this should be a good comparision for you. I dealt with Austin in the fleet department and was happy with his service.

Tax after trade 8.1% (for me) was $950

Initial accessories I plan to get:
Keyless entry
Floor mats
Make my own non-slip cargo mat and head to Walmart for some cheap storage options.

As I customize things I will post pics:
I plan to create a custom foam bed with cover
A screen for the removable sunroof for camping and maybe some privacy curtains
A bike mount for the bikes inside.

- Chris

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[quote:9aade75591="SteveO"]Nice deal, Chris, way to go!




Here's a pic from our first road trip to Flagstaff, AZ. There is still a small amount of snow on the mountain.

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