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new suspension and noises

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I just had new struts and mounts installed all around. The ride is smooth but there are a lot of noises coming from the suspension, almost like the bolts are loose. I had it inspected by another shop. They said they heard the noises, but nothing looked bad, and all they could do was uninstall everything and start over because they said it is possible that the struts are not aligned to the mounts properly, but they could not tell until they tok them out. The original mechanic wants another chance to check it out, but i am not sure that I trust him. I used KY-B gear, and bought it from Rock Auto.
Any ideas?
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Did you replace the rear sway bar bushings?

I have 134K, and it sounded like bolts were loose or the spare was rattling around. Replaced mine, and it went away.

Time to replace 20 minutes. Spray some wd40 on the bolts and let it penetrate for a good 10 min because they are rusty.

Basically two metal clamps with two 12 MM bolt heads on each side of the car, attached to the frame, with the rubber mounts sandwiched between the clamp and the frame with the sway bar running through mounts.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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