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New tire questions

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I've been browsing the tire forum for the past couple of days. I wanted to know what tires people were getting etc.
I noticed a lot of people have gone up a size for their tires.
I'd love get the Michelin LTX tires, but the price is keeping me away. Right now I'm leaning towards the BF Goodrich Long Trail Tours (if I remember right).
What are the advantages/disadvantages of going from a 215 to a 225? Does it throw the speedometer off? Gas mileage?
Anything you'd like to add would be great. I'm struggling with making the jump to the larger size or not.
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Go with 225 LTX M/S. It is only 0.5" difference in diameter, it is generally ~$20 per tire cheaper than 215, & you could get the choice of white or black letter in 225, instead on white letter only in 215.
I believe Michelin has the $70-80 off deal going in some places right now. will not regret the Michelin's. It is a hump to get over with the cash but boy does it pay dividends for a long time after.

Regarding BF Goodrch, I have never had them and I've just never seen enough consistent good marks from folks on them for me. May be just fine, can only speak of personal perspective.
Michelin has the $70 off deal going now. Not sure when it ends though.
I can't comment much on the size difference, but I bought the Michelin LTX tires based on the numerous recommendations on this board regarding their performance and longevity. I now have about 23,000 miles on mine and they look brand new. They've gotten me reliably down the road in the dry, rain, and snow, and they've been great on dirt roads and even muddy/slushy construction sites. I can't say enough good things about the LTX. They are worth the money because of their performance and expected lifespan, I think.

Also, it's worth nothing that although the 215s come with white lettering, you can do what lots of other people do and just turn the lettering to the inside when they are installed. You'd never know it was there (unless you wanted to show the white lettering).
I forgot to mention that I upsized to 225/70/16 and I could not tell a difference and the gas mileage did not change.
Micelin deal ended 09/05

The Michelin $70 rebate ended 09/05
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