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New to Element

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Hi....I just registered as a not so distant future 2010 EX Element owner. Did the test drive yesterday and somewhat reluctantly pulled the trigger (Had more to do with the trade-in...but what the hey). I'm not new to forums as I spent about 4 years over at NAM (mini cooper). But, time for a change. I always had kind of a secret crush on the Element look and the obvious step up for some much needed room. Having driven my Cooper S to the dealer for the test drive, I can see that there will be an adjustment period. But my first impression were, "Hey, this isn't so bad"...which is a good thing.

I've done 'some' research on the new vehicle and having been a previous Honda owner, I've sort of left the Honda reputation speak for itself. There are a couple of issues that I'd like to improve upon up front. The sound system is one. I also felt somewhat distant from the Element as the seat design didn't give me the feel of sitting 'in' the vehicle, but 'on' the vehicle. Seems like she might be prone to abandon me as a driver on occasion. But once again, I'm coming from a sports car. But it wasn't apparent that there were a whole lot of seat adjusting options as was even admitted by the salesman.

So my task here is to learn as much as I can about the Element as I would eventually like to do my own work. I would like to find a solution to the driver/passenger seat and find out what you guys/gals might be doing to improve upon gas mileage and whatnot. I got a little crazy with the Cooper on performance mods. But I'm more than likely going to lay low on the Element and just go with the fuel economy stuff. I've decided to 'tone it down' a bit out on the road.

Anyway, looking forward to tapping your brains a little.

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Welcome, Jdjeff58. Lots of info here; start in the Shoppin' and Test Drivin' area. Enjoy your reading.
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